TFMini - Micro LiDAR Module (Qwiic) Hookup Guide

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Hardware Hookup

If you haven't yet assembled your 3.3V Pro Mini, now would be the time to head on over to that tutorial to solder the header pins. Once soldered, connect the power and I2C pins between the Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V/8MHz and Qwiic adapter.

Arduino Pins Qwiic Adapter Pins Wire Color
A5 (SCL) SCL (3.3V TTL) Yellow
A4 (SDA) SDA (3.3V TTL) Blue
3.3V 3.3V Red

Then connect the Qwiic cable that was included in the Power Input side between the Qwiic adapter and the boost circuit. On the other side, insert the second cable that was included in the Power Output side between from the boost circuit to the TFMini. The connectors are different on each side of the boost converter so it should not be Finally, power the circuit up with a micro-B USB cable and the Beefy 3. The connection should look like the image below.

Qwiic Enabled TFMini with Beefy 3 and 3.3V Arduino Pro Mini

Tip: Looking to reduce the number of components? Try using the SparkX BlackBoard or RedBoard Qwiic is an alternative to connecting to the Qwiic enabled TFMini. The trade off is that the BlackBoard is larger than the Arduino Pro Mini.

SparkX Hookup