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  • xsk8rat / about 3 years ago / 2

    Very helpful! Thanks!

  • RipRock99 / about 3 years ago / 1

    Neat demo. I am doing a small science project where I need to monitor 4 temperatures (and possibly 2 more in the future) with a precision like that of the TMP117. Is there a single QWIC capable board that could read all 4-6 sensors, or would I need to get 4-6 boards, as well? Also, can a longer QWIC cable to the sensor be made (like 6')? It is about 10' between the devices I need to measure the temperatures on. Thanks for your thoughts!

    • Hi,

      It's suggested to "avoid heavy bypass traffic on the I2C bus" when using the TMP117. Testing with the TMP102, I did not see any issues. I have not tested the TMP117 with that many sensors on a bus but you probably would be fine with reading the sensors using the default conversion cycle. If you do have problems, you may want to consider using one microcontroller for each one or only having a few TMP117's attached to each microcontroller.

      Multiple I2C Devices

      There is the option to adjust the TMP117 address if you are using it on the same bus. Just check out the TMP117's Hardware Overview: Address Select. There is the Qwiic Mux breakout [ BOB-14685 ] for multiple I2C devices on the bus that you might want to consider.

      Cable Length The longest qwiic cable in the catalog that I know of is 50mm (~19.685"). You may want to consider using the differential I2C breakout (PCA9615) if you find that one microcontroller is enough to handle reading all 4-6 sensors in the system.

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