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  • Twain / last year / 1

    I’m able to get the XBee’s talking between two explorers, no problem. However, I’ve not had much luck with the teensy adapter.

    I’m using a Teensy 3.2, two XBee Pro 900HP with the UART1 code provided above. Power is provided thru the teensy’s uUSB. I’ve configured the Xbees with CM: 0xAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, matching Network ID’s (7AAA), PL: medium, TO: 0x40 ,and correct addressing (DH1 = SH2, DH2 = SH1, DL1 = SL2, DL2 = SL1) and yes the UART switch is in the correct position.

    Is anyone experience similar difficulties with the adapter?

    Thanks in advance, Twain

    • Twain / last year / 1

      Opening a connection via XTCU first, then closing the connection seems to eliminate this problem… Now I can communicate no problem via the Arduino based serial terminal. I’ve got no idea why, but there it is.

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