Comments: Teardown: DDC Mobile X900


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  • You’re misidentified SOT23-6 part which is marked as 8205. This is dual N-Ch MOSFET like this one: Lots of manufacturers making them, ranging from 3 to 6A continuous drain capacity. S8205 you’re referring to has 16 leads…

  • The battery was expected, the bold claims were expected, but I have to admit I did not expect that big of a speaker, nor the ingenious (albeit completely “Oh, China.”) double keypad solution :)

    Of course one question is: what did you pay for it? (the usual web markets list it for around $45)

    • Remember this is me, walking up to a random cell phone booth in the market with wide stary eyes and negotiating (poorly) through a calculator. They charged me 175RMB or about $28. I bet the going rate is more like $15 to $20.

      • looks like aliexpress has them for $50/ea with free shipping. different brand on them though…

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