Spectacle Inertia Board Hookup Guide

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Spectacle Inertia Board

The Spectacle Inertia Board makes it easy to sense motion or orientation with a Spectacle project.

Spectacle Inertia Board


tl;dr (essentials)

  1. The Inertia Board can sense motion, lack of motion, orientation, or acceleration.
  2. It's capable of either momentary triggers or continuous triggers.

Meet the Spectacle Inertia Board

The Spectacle Inertia Board is designed to allow a Spectacle project to detect its orientation, whether it is moving or stationary, or whether it is under acceleration.

It has two 1/8" (3.5mm) jacks for Spectacle control signals. Pay attention to the directionality of the jacks! The one labeled "In" should be plugged into a board that is closer to the Director Board than the Inertia Board is, or into the Director Board itself.

IO Jacks

Suggested Reading

Before proceeding, you should read through the Spectacle User's Guide. It will give you the basics you'll need to know about how Spectacle works to follow the rest of this tutorial.