Spectacle Example: Super Mario Bros. Diorama

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Spectacle Project

The Spectacle project for this setup is very simple. It consists of a Button Board, a Motion Board, and an Audio Board. We'll just give you the pages of the project here, rather than walk you step-by-step through making a Spectacle project. Below, find the main page of the app, with all the boards in place. Remember that the order the boards are connected in must match the order they appear in the app list in.

Main Window showing boards

Here are the settings for the Button Board. Note that, although we're triggering four separate actions, we only need to have a signal on one channel.

Button Board settings

Here we see the Motion Board settings. You'll note that there's a slight delay between receipt of the triggering signal and activation of the first motion. That accounts for the brief delay between triggering the Sound Board and the sound actually playing. The sliders are opposite because the position of the motors is mirrored on the inside of the project.

Motion Board settings

Finally, here are the settings for the two sound events on the Sound Board. By layering them like this, we create the illusion of triggering the second sound when Mario hits the block without having to put a switch on that block.

Audio Board settings

Note that these are timing values for my system and you'll probably have to change them if you do your own. I figured these out by playing around with it a bit.