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  • How do i use this without arduino?

  • Is there any way to disable the beeping sound?

  • Using Node.js to read from the reading using node-serialport. Getting reading coming in but my numbers don't match what is on the card. I assume this is something to do with encoding but I'm not sure. Anyone able to help me? I scan a card with the printed numbers "0000818960" and I get "0A000C7F1069" when I do "data.toString('ascii')" on the data coming from node-serial port. Thoughts?

  • -------------------- Tech Support Tips/Troubleshooting/Common Issues --------------------

    Read Ranges Using the RFID USB Reader

    Using the ID Innovations125kHz readers, the tested real world maximum ranges of the modules with the RFID tagged items are listed below:


    Card = 0" (you need an external antenna)
    Button = 0" (you need an external antenna)
    Glass Capsule = 0" (you need an external antenna)


    Card = 2" - 2.25"
    Button = 1" - 1.5"
    Glass Capsule = 0.75" - 1"


    Card = 2.75"
    Button = 2"
    Glass Capsule = 0.75"

    The range results were taken from the demo video between 6:13-9:10 => .

    Multiple RFID USB Readers

    If you place 4 of these RFID readers with the ID Readers, there will be RF interference from each other. Customer had issues with this setup. When he placed them at a distance of about 15-20cm+ between each other, they were able to get them working.

  • I've been having issues with my RFID. I'm not sure if it's in the wiring, the code, or just a bad component, but I was hoping for some advice.

    I've used your code, as well as 4 others that I found on google, each of which returned the serial values "255 255 255 255...", so I kind of doubt its the code. (I should mention I put in a Serial.print(readByte) in the loop to see what the integer values were)

    It is hooked up as follows:

    Arduino ID-20 5V VCC GND GND D2 D0

    Lastly, I assume the components work fine, because it never returns any serial values to my com port until I wave the tag in front of it.

    Any ideas?

  • The code example does not work correctly.

    total = checkTag(newTag, knownTags[ct]);

    should be

    total += checkTag(newTag, knownTags[ct]);

    Otherwise only the last card in the array will ever work. Cheers CJ

  • do i need to use arduino with RFID reader starter kit to save tags ID ?

    • You don't have to use an Arduino, but you do need something on the other end to capture and save the data. You could do it with a PC over USB, or use the serial output or the USB output with a Raspberry Pi or another single-board computer.

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