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  • Hi the code in examples on the page: Example 1:Config BPM Mode 1 SparkFun_Bio_Sensor_Hub bioHub(DEF_ADDR, resPin, mfioPin);

    Doesn't match the call in github library to the driver SparkFun_Bio_Sensor_Hub::SparkFun_Bio_Sensor_Hub(uint16_t resetPin, uint16_t mfioPin, uint8_t address) {

    Couldn't get anything to work until I changed example to SparkFun_Bio_Sensor_Hub bioHub(resPin, mfioPin);

    The examples in github are correct


    • I just saw the comment when checking a spec in the tutorial. Sorry about the confusion. I think the library was updated after this tutorial was written. I have edited example 1 where it says:

      // Takes address, reset pin, and MFIO pin.
      SparkFun_Bio_Sensor_Hub bioHub(DEF_ADDR, resPin, mfioPin);

      to the following:

      // Takes address, reset pin, and MFIO pin.
      SparkFun_Bio_Sensor_Hub bioHub(resPin, mfioPin);

      The example assumes that you are using the default address (it seems that there is only one address based on the comment in the example code) so the examples excluded it from the code.

  • Hello, I am trying to use this sensor on Arduino Nano Every. But i am getting this error

    Could not communicate with the sensor!!! Configuring Sensor.... Error configuring sensor. Error: 1

    The reset pin and Mfio pin are connected to pin 4 and 5 respectively. I am using the latest version of the library. Could you atleast hint what could be the problem?

    • I'm not sure if you have resolved your issue yet. I just saw this comment when looking up a spec.

      I have not used the Arduino Nano Every before. A few things come to mind when troubleshooting based on your brief explanation:

      • The error indicates that your microcontroller is not able to communicate with your sensor. I am not sure if you are using a breadboard or soldering it directly to the Arduino Nano Every since the board does not have a Qwiic connector? I recommend checking your connections.
      • From the product page, it looks like you need to solder to the Arduino Nano Every. I recommend checking your solder joints and carefully removing any water soluble flux residue on the board to ensure that it is not interfering with the connection. If this is the case, you would need to solder a connection to the Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Monitor as well since there is no Qwiic connector (unless you have a Qwiic adapter or shield). I recommend checking the sensor's solder joints as well.
      • It looks like it uses a different architecture: ATMega4809 ? Try using it with an ATmega328P like the RedBoard Qwiic set to 3.3V in this tutorial.    

      Other than that, I recommend posting in the SparkFun Forums for further assistance if you have not already.

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