SparkFun gator:soil Hookup Guide

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Hardware Assembly

Note: Unfortunately, the design of this sensor isn't intended for long term exposure to outdoor environments. It is primarily intended for the classroom setting. This is due to the limitations in waterproofing the sensor and its connections.

Connecting your gator:soil to the gator:bit (v2) is simple. Connect GND to GND, SIG to an analog pin (P0-P2)1, and PWR to either 3.3V OUT or to a digital pin that is not in use (P0-P2, P8, P16, or P5). This can easily be done with alligator cables or these special banana cables.

Hardware Assembly
Example of connections used in example. Click to enlarge.
Example of gator:soil in use application. Click to enlarge.
gator:soil gator:bit (v2)
PWR 3.3V OUT or
Digital Pin: P0 - P2, P8, P16, or P5
SIG Analog Pin: P0 - P2
Note: If accessible, pins P3, P4, and P10 can be used in addition for ADC measurements.