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Troubleshooting the Extension


div class="alert alert-info" role="alert"> Extension not working?

This product's extension has a dependency on Microsoft's build process. If the usual method of installing the MakeCode extension gives an error, you will need to manually install the MakeCode extension. We have provided a local build of this extension that can be uploaded to MakeCode:

To manually install this extension in makecode, go to the "Extensions" tab on the left side of the makecode site:

alt text

In the location you'd normally search for an extension, you'll notice an upload button on the right:

alt text

Click on this, and you'll get a window allowing you to upload your own built extension. Navigate to where you saved the above extension hex, and upload it to your project.

alt text

You should be able to see the extension and its functions now. In addition, you'll be able to build and download your project to your variant of micro:bit.

alt text