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  • Hello I'm trying to hook up the sensor to the ESP32THING but I get a SPI.setBitOrder(MSBFIRST);

    The ESP32 have 2 register I2C of 4KB at I2C0 0x3FF5_3000 0x3FF5_3FFF and I2C1 0x3FF6_7000 0x3FF6_7FFF

    Thanks for the help. b

    • The ESP32's SPI library has some different names than the Arduino SPI library. I've updated the SparkFunBME280.cpp file with some directives that cause the sensor's .begin function to operate differently if the ESP32 architecture is detected.

      The changes can be found in the github for now, and will be in a release in the future. link to github

  • //runMode can be:
    //  0, Sleep mode
    //  1 or 2, Forced mode
    //  3, Normal mode
    mySensor.settings.runMode = 3; //Forced mode

    I think there's an inconsistency here.

    delay(10);  //Make sure sensor had enough time to turn on. BME280 requires 2ms to start up.         Serial.begin(57600);

    All of that is on one line and needs to be separated.

  • I'm having the same problem, any help in this?

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