SparkFun Blocks for Intel® Edison - GPIO Block

Contributors: CaseyTheRobot
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Board Overview

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GPIO Block Functional Diagram

  • Level Select - Jumper selects GPIO reference voltage, Can be set to 3.3v or VSYS
  • Power Pins - Raw access to power pins on Edison
    • GND - Ground pin for all blocks and Edison
    • VSYS - Raw input for Edison and all Blocks.
    • Normal output (with power blocks) 4.0V-4.1V.
    • You can power an Edison through this pin. Acceptable voltages 3.3V-4.5V
    • 1.8v - 1.8v supplied by Edison internal power supply
    • 3.3v - 3.3v supplied by Edison internal power supply
  • General GPIO - Genaral use GPIO pins.
  • GPIO/UART1 - GPIO pins that can also be used as a second UART. (Useful for GPS receivers and other serial devices)
  • GPIO/PWM - GPIO pins capable of generating PWM waveforms. (Useful for LED dimming and Motor control)
  • Expansion Header - The 70-pin Expansion header breaks out the functionality of the Intel Edison. This header also passes signals and power throughout the stack. These function much like an Arduino Shield.