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  • Member #1580721 / about 2 years ago / 1

    Hi, I've purchased the SGP30 and have found it very easy to use, though am having some odd results. For some reason, it seems like the CO2 (ppm) values I'm getting are incorrect in dense environments. I've tested the SGP30 outdoors and it worked fine. Once I've moved it into a small indoor container it seemed to provide correct values, though when I've begin flooding the container with CO2, the ppm values from the SGP30 were significantly lower than the ones provided by other (professional/industrial quality devices).

    For example, when all the other sensors showed that the container PPM is around 5000, the SGP30 presented values around a 1000. Any guesses/suggestions for improvement?

    PS: Thanks for your awesome boards, sensors and documentation. You're truly the best in the biz! : )

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