Simon Says Assembly Guide

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Quickstart - Your First Component

We'll go over over in detail how to solder on the first part. Then we'll show you which parts go where and let you have at it. The booklet that comes with the Simon Says has been carefully crafted and goes over the assembly in lots of detail. We'll follow along here. Click on the image for a larger view, or you can download the entire guide here.

10kΩ Resistor

Locate the 10kΩ resistor.

10kOhm Resistor

If you look closely, it has a specific pattern of stripes on it: BROWN, BLACK, ORANGE, GOLD.

Color Code for 10KOhm Resistor

Bend the legs downward.

Legs Bent

Locate the 10kΩ resistor position on the board

Bend Resistor Legs

Insert the resistor into the PCB.

Find Resistor's Position on PCB

Push the resistor in so it is nearly flush with the board.

Resistor Flush

Slightly bend the legs outward to hold it in place.

Bend Legs Apart

Flip the board over. Hold the soldering iron's "Sweet Spot" so it touches both the leg and the metal ring. Hold for 2 seconds.

Heat Through Hole

Feed solder into the joint.

Feed Solder Joint

First, pull away the solder. Second, pull away the iron.

Pull Solder and Iron Back

Your solder joints should look like this - a tiny volcano.

Ideal Solder Joint

Clip off any excess legs.

Clip Excess Legs