Comments: Si7021 Humidity and Temperature Sensor Hookup Guide


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  • I had the same issue, here what I found (on arduino MEGA, 5v): -if I power up the sensor with 3v3, it does not get found by the arduino. I think because the Logic Level of the SDA/SCL are on 5v -if I power up the sensor with 5v, it works fine, even if on the datasheet. For “working fine” I mean that gives me readings, they might not be accurate If some experts can give me a hint… I’m not sure about powering up at 5 volt this little guy

  • I cannot get this sensor to work, after having followed the guide with the redboard exactly. It is quite a challenge to troubleshoot, seems there is not a lot of documentation online.

    Has anyone else had issues with reoccurring “Failed to read sensor” errors?

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