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  • Member #1533886 / about 3 years ago / 2

    So now I have to interpret the page I was going to for reference on projects to match the thousands upon thousands of datasheets AND your own products that are marked with the original terms.... I mean come on... Do you really think that's what anyone is thinking about when they're designing electronics? The original terms were very distinctive to serial communications making it easy to scour information and datasheets and find exactly what it is you were looking for. Now, using these new terms, every time I am to search using "controller" or "peripheral" you'll just get flooded with the wrong content because these terms are used so broadly for multiple things throughout the electronics world... Seems completely counterintuitive. I know you'll probably hide this comment which is fine... but thought I'd at least say something because I usually really enjoy the content you guys make.

  • Member #1260530 / about 6 years ago / 2

    Dear Aurthor,

    the sentence "Serial protocols will often send the least significant bits first, so the smallest bit is on the far left" I think it shd be "the most significant bits first"

  • Member #393494 / about 9 months ago / 1

    PICO, POCI? This is really confusing. Please consider setting this back to MOSI/MISO.

    Not only is it confusing here, but there seem to be a variety of other names floating about, which makes things especially weird.

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