Retired - Electric Imp Breakout Hookup Guide

This Tutorial is Retired!

An electric imp hug! Provides an overview of the imp card and breakout. Both hardware and firmware subjects are covered.

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Going Further and Resources

Now that you know how to hook up the electric imp and its Breakout, what project will you be making with it? Will you be adding to the "Internet of Things"? Need some inspiration? Check out some of these products and projects:

  • Using the OpenSegment - The OpenSegment displays are very easy-to-use 4-digit 7-segment displays. You could easily connect these to an imp via either serial, I2C, or SPI.
  • The Uncertain 7-Cube - This project uses an Arduino to create a riff on the magic 8-ball. Swap out that Arduino with an imp, and make the Uncertain 7-Cube post to twitter or something!
  • WiFly Shield Hookup Guide - The imp certainly isn't the only Internet-enabling development platform out there. You could combine an Arduino with the WiFly shield to connect your Arduino to the web.

If you're looking to interface an electric imp with an Arduino, check out the Electric Imp Shield. We've also written a tutorial on communicating via serial between the imp and Arduino.


The folks at electric imp have loads of great resources on their wiki. Among the many links on that page, these ones stand out for being extra helpful:

If you're still left with imp-related questions, try consulting their forums.