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  • Member #1503088 / about 5 years ago * / 1

    How can i reduce clock speed to 8Mz without affecting the baud rate. Also can i Power Down ADC without affecting BOD.

    • Alex the Giant / about 5 years ago / 1

      The answers are in the datasheet. For the baud rate, you can use tables 17-9 to 17-12 (pages 200-203). The smaller the error, the better. It would require some testing to see how large of an error your system can tolerate, but at 1.0MHz, 9600 baud would probably work fine.

      The ADC and BOD are set by different registers, so you can power down the ADC without affecting the BOD. The BOD registers on the 328p are configured in the extended fuse byte (table 25-6, page 296). The ADC is in section 21 (page 250), but the ADC Enable is bit 7 of the ADC control and status register A (21.9.2 or page 263).

  • Member #860254 / about 5 years ago / 1

    Hi! Is it possible to use the low-power library with the ATMEGA32U4 ? Kind regards

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