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  • After modifying many libraries and pulling my hair out I found a quick solution to the issues associated with the "Serial" call now being "SerialUSB": start your sketch with "#Define Serial SerialUSB" (before all the other library calls) to map the SerialUSB to Serial - then any standard AVR arduino libraries will work with the turbo without modification. I've written code that will work on either board flavor by just commenting or uncommenting that snippet.

    • SerialUSB

      I have been working on this as well with the same errors - your fix is not working for my sketch unfortunately. Specifically I am utilizing the SparkFunDS3234RTC library.

  • In regular ol' Arduinos, like the UNO, the double data type has no more precision than the float data type (see ) . On the RedBoard Turbo, are doubles more precise?

  • Does the RedBoard Turbo come with MicroPython preloaded? How can the MicroPython version be upgraded to the latest version?

  • Will Turbo-compatible Proto Shields be forthcoming?

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