Recreating Classic Electronics Kits

Contributors: Nick Poole
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Time For A Test Circuit!

Congratulations! You've built your very own all-in-one electronics kit. But wait! We don't know whether or not we've gotten our wires crossed. Let's wire up a test circuit. This is the fun part!

As you can see below, I haven't been shy in the application of jumper wires. If you're teaching the young inventor in your life, I suggest numbering the springs and then making them simple net lists for them to follow. That way, they can "paint by numbers" until they learn how to translate schematics into circuits.

As for me? I've seen a few schematics in my life so it only took a few minutes to replicate a classic LED flasher circuit from a schematic that I Googled-up from the interwebs:

alt text

Don't worry, that's what it's supposed to look like

Now when I press the pushbutton, the two LEDs should blink alternately.

alt text

Woo! Blinky!

Hey hey! It works! I hope yours works as well!

These make a great gift and if you really want to impress someone then make up a little experiment booklet to go with it! And heck, why not include an Arduino on your kit... or a 7-segment display... it's your choice!