Recreating Classic Electronics Kits

Contributors: Nick Poole
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Collect The Parts

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The first thing you'll need to do is collect all of the components that you'll want to include on your kit. I've chosen enough parts to build a transistor based LED flasher. Think broadly when designing your kit and add enough parts to complete a wide range of experiments.

As well as the electrical components, you'll also need the crafting materials. The body of the kit will be made of chipboard. You can get chipboard at just about any art supply store. The thickness isn't critical: it just needs to be thick enough to hold it's shape but not so thick that it's hard to get the springs into it. You'll also need some material to make the legs on either side. Acrylic, wood, styrene, cardboard, anything rigid will work. Use whatever you're equipped to work with. Finally, you'll want some hot glue to fuse the two. Oh, and maybe something to cut with, a hobby knife is perfect. I cheated (as per usual) and used the laser cutter.

Here's a Bill-of-Materials:

You'll also need:

OK, let's get to work...