Comments: Qwiic Ultrasonic Distance Sensor (HC-SR04) Hookup Guide


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  • xsk8rat / about 2 years ago / 1

    The sample code is nice, but something that didn't require the SSD1306 display would be more basic. It might help a beginner get started without having to strip out the code for the components which they did not purchase.

    #include <Wire.h>
    #define RESPONDER_BROADCAST_ADDR 0x00  //default address
    #define RESPONDER_ADDR 0x00       //RESPONDER_ADDR 0xA0-0xAF
    uint8_t distance_H = 0;
    uint8_t distance_L = 0;
    uint16_t distance = 0;
    void setup() {
      Wire.begin(); // join i2c bus (address optional for master)
      Serial.begin(9600);  // start serial for output
    void loop() {
      Wire.beginTransmission(RESPONDER_ADDR); // transmit to device #8
      Wire.write(1);              // measure command: 0x01
      Wire.endTransmission();    // stop transmitting
      Wire.requestFrom(RESPONDER_ADDR, 2);    // request 6 bytes from RESPONDER device #8
      while (Wire.available()) { // RESPONDER may send less than requested
        distance_H =; // receive a byte as character
        distance_L =;
        distance = (uint16_t)distance_H << 8;
        distance = distance | distance_L;
        Serial.print(distance);         // print the character

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