Qwiic MultiPort Hookup Guide

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Hardware Overview

The board is a simple design that allows you to connect devices to the I2C bus easily with the Qwiic Connect System. Power and logic levels are set to 3.3V. Make sure to use a logic level converter if your board uses a voltage higher than 3.3V.

Wire Color Signal
Black GND
Red 3.3V
Blue SDA
Yellow SCL

Qwiic Connectors

There are 4x Qwiic connectors populated on the board.

alt text

LED and Jumper

In addition to the connectors, there is an LED to indicate when power is available on the I2C bus. On the back, there is a jumper in case you would like to disable the LED.

Front of Board Back of Board

Mounting Holes

There are 2x mounting holes included on the board.

Mounting Holes

Board Dimensions

Below are the board dimensions. The overall size of the board is 1.00" x 1.00". Each connector extending from the center has a width of about 0.30". As stated earlier, this board has 2x mounting holes located around the center.

Board Dimensions