Comments: Qwiic Micro Magnetometer - MMC5983MA Hookup Guide


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  • Member #1489213 / about a year ago / 1

    There is a bug in the library. This is an 18-bit device, not a 16-bit. In each example, the raw value is brought in as an 'unisgned int'. This clips off the first two significant figures. You can even see the error in the screen captures of their examples. The field should not be -4 and -7 Gauss.

    Changing the unsigned int to unsigned long fixes the issue. The error is in every example.

    • PaulZC / about a year ago / 1

      Thanks again for reporting. This has been corrected in v1.0.3 of the library.

    • santaimpersonator / about a year ago / 1

      Thank you for reporting this issue. I saw that you have already filed an issue with the Arduino library, the engineer on this product will take a look at the problem once there is some free time from the new boards that are being worked on.

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