Origami Paper Circuits

Contributors: Sarah Al-Mutlaq
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Getting Started

We love paper circuits! They're fun, they're easy to teach, and there are so many different ways you can create paper circuits. In this tutorial, we will show you how to incorporate paper circuits into Origami.

Origami Paper Circuits

Required Materials

For this tutorial, we will be using origami paper. Regular paper can also be used, but make sure that it can be folded several times and bent without ripping, but also be thin enough that light can shine through it.

For the electronic parts, I have chosen to use copper tape and LED stickers, but you could easily use regular LEDs, Lilypad LEDs, or any number of other LEDs and some adhesive and resistors.

As for the connections, Bare Conductive paint, Circuit Scripe pen, or regular wires could be used instead of copper tape. I chose copper tape and LED stickers because they are already adhesive, they work well with paper, can stick to the origami paper I have, and I can solder to the copper tape for better connections if needed. When choosing your components make sure to check that everything can work together without issue. For example, Bare Conductive paint and the Circuit Scribe pen ink DO NOT work on glossy origami paper, so if you want to use them think about going with a different kind of paper.

Here is a list of exactly what I used for my origami flowers:

Note that origami paper (or some other kind of paper) is also needed. Also worth noting is that two power options are listed int he wish list, a battery and a wall adapter. You will only need one of these to power your project.


Here are the tools I used:

  • Soldering Iron (optional)
  • Solder (optional)
  • Krazy Glue (may be needed depending on the flower you chose)
  • Invisible Tape (may be needed depending on the flower you chose, or if you don't want to solder)

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