MP3 Trigger Hookup Guide V24

Contributors: Joel_E_B, robertsonics
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Basic Operation

Simply drag and drop the desired MP3 files into the root directory of a FAT32 or FAT16 formatted microSD flash card using a PC.

The MP3 Trigger does not support hot-swapping of the microSD Card. While this won’t damage anything, the microSD media is only initialized during power up. So whenever the card is changed or updated, be sure to power cycle the MP3 Trigger after installing the card.

When power is applied to the MP3 Trigger, the on-board (green) status LED indicates the state of the installed media as follows:

  • 1 long blink - No formatted microSD media found.
  • 1 long blink, followed by 1 short blink - microSD media found, no MP3 files located.
  • Constant short blinks - Hardware problem with MP3 Decoder.
  • 3 short blinks - microSD media found, at least 1 MP3 file located.

status LED

Status LED

As soon as the MP3 Trigger powers up with 3 short blinks, the on-board navigation switch can be used to play all of the tracks on the card, regardless of the filenames.

  • Left - Plays the previous MP3 file in the directory
  • Right -Plays the next MP3 file in the directory
  • Center - Starts/Stops the current MP3 file