MiniGen Hookup Guide

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The MiniGen was designed to be used either as a stand-alone board or as a shield that can be placed on top of an Arduino Pro Mini. It's capable of generating sine, square, or triangle waves at up to 3MHz, and approximately 1Vp-p. The output is at a DC offset of Vcc/2. Neither the offset nor the amplitude can be varied.

SparkFun MiniGen - Pro Mini Signal Generator Shield

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By default, the MiniGen ships configured with a 3.3V regulator enabled, and thus, should only be used with 3.3V signals(or 3.3V Pro Minis, as linked above). There's a jumper on the back that can be soldered over to bypass the regulator for 5V use; just be careful not to power the board with more than 5V if you bypass the regulator!

For more information about the MiniGen, please see the GitHub repository, where you'll find a library, example code, and design files.

Suggested Reading

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