Mario the Magician's Magical Lapel Flower

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To create your own Magic Lapel Flower, you'll need the following parts:

The Pro Micro tells your flower when to rise and fall. The LiPo Battery powers everything up, and the LilyPad LiPower Power Supply is used to pump up your lightweight battery to 5v and to provide an on/off switch. The servo makes the flower move, and the heat shrink keeps the flower from wobbling around on the servo. The micro USB cable is for uploading code to your circuit, and the LiPo charger is for charging your battery, Last, but not least, the magnets secure the flower and circuit to your hoodie.

You will also need these other tools and supplies to follow along:

  • Hook-up Wire
  • Cardboard for the back of your servo and to mount your circuit
  • Fake Flower from any craft store or dollar store
  • Velcro to help cover the top of your servo motor
  • Hot Glue
  • Masking Tape
  • Black Acrylic Paint (optional)