Mario the Magician's Magical Lapel Flower

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Introducing the Magical Lapel Flower

The day we found Mario The Magician, we were enchanted! Mario is an NYC-based maker and street performer, and he is the subject of Mario the Magician: Building Magic. His amazing delivery of Arduino-powered humor makes it look so easy, we had to approach him and ask for a lesson! Lucky for us, it turned out the love was mutual, and thus was born an endlessly entertaining guest tutorial. Not only does he provide step-by-step instructions to create his magical lapel flower: he also offers a great tutorial on the comedic timing that makes it shine!

Recommended Reading

Here are a few foundational tutorials that might help you get started with your lapel flower:

This tutorial uses the SparkFun Pro Micro. We recommend checking out the Getting Started Tutorial for this product before you dive into this tutorial as it plays an integral role in making this project.