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  • Corndogjoe / about 2 years ago / 1

    I was wondering why the air speed is shown as 4800 bps (480 Bytes per second). Shouldn't you divide the bps by 8 to get the Bytes per second?

    • Good question. 'AirSpeed' is a made up unit and is based on the LoRa Bandwidth+Spread+Coding settings. These allow for different number of max bytes per second. The mapping is not clean: for example airspeed 9600 has max bytes per second of 1020. Instead of an airspeed of '1020 bytes' or 8,160 bits per second, we unilaterally chose to use common modem bit rates that mapped closely to the max bytes/s and use '9600bps' instead. This allows a user who may be communicating at a true 57600bps over the wired connection to the LoRaSerial, to then quickly understand they will be limited to approximately 9600 bits per second over the air.

      PS - There were some bad typos in the AirSpeed table. Updated:

      How AirSpeed relates to LoRa settings

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