LilyPad Vibe Board Hookup Guide

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Project Examples

Thermal Alert Project

By adding a temperature sensor to the circuit, you can trigger the motor whenever it gets too hot. For more information, check out the thermal alert project from the Lilypad Development Board Activity Guide. Just make sure to redefine the LilyPad Arduino's pins in code.

Thermal Alert Project from the LilyPad Development Board Actibity Guide

Highlighted components used for the thermal alert project. Click on the image for more information.

LilyPad Simblee Fitness Bracer

This fitness bracer uses two vibe boards to alert the wearer when they have been inactive for 60 minutes.

Demo video of the Bluetooth Fitness Bracer project.

Slouch Alert Shirt by Lara Grant

This posture-sensing wearable is built with a LilyPad, conductive fabric, and vibe board provides feedback when your shoulders hunch forward. Learn how to build this project and more wearables with LilyPad in the Instructables Wearable Electronics class.

Slouch Alert Shirt GIF

GIF of finished Slouch Alert shirt project courtesy of Wearable Electronics Class.

Bats Have Feelings Too by Lynne Bruning

Lynne created a jacket that uses an LV-MaxSonar ultrasonic range finder, LilyPad Arduino, and vibe board to alert the wearer to solid objects in their path.

Model wearing Bats Have Feelings Too - a haptic jacket for the blind

"Bats have feelings too" coat, a haptic coat for the blind. Photo by Carl Snider.


The LilyPad Vibe Motor is not limited to just haptic feedback. You can also build a neat little bristle bot with the vibe motor, battery holder, and coin cell. You can even add a light sensor and MOSFET to have the robot react to your environment!