LilyPad Temperature Sensor Hookup Guide

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The LilyPad Temperature Sensor lets you detect temperature changes in the environment (or an object pressed against the sensor) on your wearable project.

LilyPad Temperature Sensor

LilyPad Temperature Sensor


The temperature sensor board will output specific voltage at set temperatures - 10mV for every degree Celsius (°C), with 0 degrees C set at 0.5V. The current flowing through the signal tab can be read by an analog tab on a LilyPad Arduino board and converted through a formula to degrees in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Follow along to learn how to convert the voltage from the sensor into usable temperature data in your project.

You will need to connect the sensor to a LilyPad Arduino or other microcontroller to read the output values and use in your code.

Required Materials

To follow along with the code examples, we recommend:

Suggested Reading

To add this sensor to a project, you should be comfortable sewing with conductive thread and uploading code to your LilyPad Arduino. Here are some tutorials to review before working with this sensor:

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