LilyPad Simple Power Hookup Guide

Contributors: Toni_K
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Hardware Overview

True to its name, the LilyPad Simple power is really simple! There's only a few features you need to be aware of.

LilyPad Simple Board LiPo Charger Highlighted

Battery JST Connector

The Simple Power is designed to work with 3.7V lipo batteries. In order to connect the battery to the board, there should be a female JST connector on the battery.

micro-B Connector

This allows you to charge your battery via a computer USB port, using a micro-B USB cable.

Positive/Negative Terminals

These sew taps are the connection points from where the power to your circuit will flow. The positive terminal outputs 3.7V, and the negative terminal is the ground (GND) connection.

On/Off Switch

This switch enables and disables power to flow out of the LilyPad Simple board. When it is in the 'on' position, you can measure the battery voltage across the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals. When it is in the 'off' position, there is no measurable voltage output from the board.

Mounting Holes

These four holes spaced across the board are designed as additional anchoring sew taps. They are not conductive, and have no electrical functionality.