LED Light Bar Hookup

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Resources and Going Further

Now that you know how easy it is to wire these LED bars up, what project are you going to make with them? Need some inspiration, check out some of these tutorials:

  • GPS Wall Clock -- This is our old tried and true example project using LED bars. Their ultra-brightness makes for some snazzy giant 7-segment displays.

GPS wall clock

Or (on a slightly smaller scale) here are some other tutorials that might catch your interest:

  • The Soft Circuits: LED Feelings Pizza and Firefly Jar tutorials show how you can add illumination to clothing and other fabrics. These are great examples of e-textiles projects.
  • PicoBuck Hookup Guide -- The PicoBuck is a very powerful LED driver, capable of controlling LEDs even brighter than the LED bars.
  • Light -- If you want to know more about the physics behind light, and how it can be manipulated, give this tutorial a read.