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  • I just got one of the MicroViews without a boot loader from the 4/1/2016 Arduino Day sale - I had assumed they were all gone/reprogrammed by now (I knew there was an April Fool’s joke in there somewhere!). The price was good enough that I didn’t mind a few extra steps. I used the Arduino Uno as ISP method described above and had no issues at all. Even popping the top cover off (and back on) was fairly easy.

    Thanks for a good tutorial!

    • Those should definitely be long gone by now but things happen, glad you got it working and let us know if you have any other problems.

  • I used the Code Bender test on the bad batch… they were bad according to the test (flashing yellow LED on the left but not the center). Just for fun I tested one of the new batch. I got the same result. Bad according to Code Bender. So I tried another one. Again, bad. Is there something wrong with the Code Bender test or did I get a second bad batch?

    • Weird…the Code Bender test is working for me. After clicking “Start Test” on a good MicroView, do you see a short red blink after a couple yellow’s?

  • Small Nit: s/.hex.hex/.hex/ in the avrdude section to assist copy and pasters.

    +1 on the sewing needles suggestion below; would have saved me from lifting a pad while soldering 22AWG solid core wire to it. (fixed via a workaround)

  • Thanks for the thorough writeup. With the help of your instructions, I was able to get a bootloader on my previously-useless MicroView and it’s working like a champ.

    One small suggestion: connect the smallest test clips you have to sewing needles, then shove the points of the needles in the vias. They stay put, and were easier (for me) than the other methods.

    Pics and more details at my website.

    • Ha! Sewing needles are perfect. I added a little note and link to your post the tools section.

      Thanks for sharing!

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