Getting Started with the GeoFence

Contributors: Nick Poole
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Here are a few common problems that you might run into when using the GeoFence.

"I don't know which serial port my GeoFence is connected to"

If you have a lot of serial devices connected to your computer, it may be difficult to tell which one is the GeoFence hardware. The easiest way to figure it out is simply to unplug the GeoFence and press "Find Serial Ports" in the GeoFence App. Take note of which ports are listed. Now connect your hardware and click "Find Serial Ports" again. There should be a new port in the list now which corresponds to your board.

"I pressed 'Send Configuration' and got an error message in the status bar that says 'checksum failed. trying again...'"

This will happen if the board is having trouble parsing the configuration that you're sending from the software. The board and software will try 4 more times to send the configuration before aborting. If it fails all five attempts, try the troubleshooting tips below:

"I pressed 'Send Configuration' and nothing happened"

First of all, ensure that you've clicked the "Open" button to open a serial connection to your board. Press "Close" and then "Open" again, give the board a moment to reset, then try sending your configuration again. If it still doesn't work, you may need to reset the board. Close the serial port and press the reset button on your GeoFence board. Now open the serial port again, give it a moment to reset and send your configuration again. It may need to do this a few times before it will work. When it's successful, the status bar will give you a success message and the zone LEDs on the board will flash in sequence.

"I want to put the same zones on a lot of different boards, can I save zone configurations from the GeoFence software?"

Unfortunately there is not yet any feature that will allow you to save a configuration file and retrieve it later. However, if you would like to configure a stack of identical boards, you can simply configure them one after another by sending your configuration, closing the serial port, connecting the next board, selecting the proper serial port, opening that serial port, configuring that board and repeating the process until all of the boards are configured.

"My GeoFence board never seems to get a lock. The Status LED always blinks and none of the zone indicator LEDs are lit"

Make sure that your GPS module has a clear view of the sky. GPS doesn't work very well inside buildings, under bridges or beside large structures. If your board is inside an enclosure, you may need to attach an external antenna to get a good lock.