FreeSoC2 Introduction

This Tutorial is Retired!

Note: This guide is for the previous version of the FreeSoC2, V11. If you have an newer version (the version number can be found on the back of the PCB), please refer to this tutorial.

View the updated tutorial: FreeSoC2 Hookup Guide V14

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Resources and Going Further

The PSoC community is robust and thriving, and Cypress have provided a lot of really good resources for hobbyists and professional engineers alike.

  • [100 projects in 100 days]( Released) - Cypress, in conjunction with Element-14, created 100 projects and released them to the community. These are based on the PSoC4, but adapt well to the PSoC5LP.
  • Forums - Cypress also has a thriving forum community.
  • Reddit - There's a fairly active subreddit for the PSoC, as well.
  • Video tutorials - official PSoC Creator training videos. These are information dense and super helpful.

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Making Music with the FreeSoC2

August 14, 2015

Create a synth keyboard with the FreeSoC2 from SparkFun.