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  • Member #765470 / last year / 1

    The hardware overview says "3x UARTs (only two are configured by default in the Arduino IDE, one UART is used for bootloading/debug)" but the product feature page says "Up to two UARTs (only two are configured by default in the Arduino IDE, one UART is used for bootloading/debug)".

    How many UART are actually available?

    • santaimpersonator / last year / 1

      Good catch! That was a typo in the product description. There are 3 UARTs on the ESP32 module, but only 2 are configured (i.e. available for use) in the Arduino IDE.

  • Member #1387058 / last year / 1

    In the Arduino IDE 2.0 The ESP32 Thing Plus C is not showing up in the boards manager... What board are we supposed to select, and if its NOT the board called out in the tutorial, please fix the tutorial.

    • Brudnerd / last year / 1

      Hello! We did some digging and weren't able to replicate the issue you're seeing. Looking at the arduino-esp32 repo on GitHub, the change was pulled in about 5 months ago. Would you please make sure you have the correct package.json file installed (per the note above the IDE 1.X image) on the new Arduino 2.0 IDE? I found when I originally installed the new IDE that none of my additional boards files carried over.

      We've also added a note in the software overview to hopefully help others steer clear of this issue in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

      • Member #1387058 / last year / 1

        Got it figured out. For some reason, The ESP32 boards were not showing up in the boards manager, even with the proper JSON links in place. Restarted the Arduino IDE a couple of times and it suddenly started processing a bunch of stuff, including showing the ESP32 boards. Either a bug with my environment or the Arduino 2.0 IDE. Thanks!

  • Member #1669950 / about a year ago / 1

    Cool improvements! Especially the power-switch for Qwiik (before I had to use the SparkfunX switch) and the battery gauge come very handy!

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