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  • Member #1449207 / about 5 years ago / 1

    I am unable to compile the sketch given in GPS_IMU_SD_Logger.ino. There seems to be an issue with the line HardwareSerial Serial1(2); as it causes the following error:

    Arduino: 1.8.8 (Mac OS X), Board: "ESP32 Dev Module, Disabled, Default, 240MHz (WiFi/BT), QIO, 80MHz, 4MB (32Mb), 921600, None"

    /var/folders/4b/3t68qpns1pz3kf16t11yvvbc0000gn/T/arduino_cache_657209/core/core_15b15bf717b554dda97e879b8ed18cd0.a(HardwareSerial.cpp.o):(.bss.Serial1+0x0): multiple definition of `Serial1' sketch/GPS_IMU_SD_Logger.ino.cpp.o:(.bss.Serial1+0x0): first defined here collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status Multiple libraries were found for "SD.h" Used: /Users/abc123/Library/Arduino15/packages/esp32/hardware/esp32/1.0.1/libraries/SD Not used: /private/var/folders/4b/3t68qpns1pz3kf16t11yvvbc0000gn/T/AppTranslocation/323EAAD6-B668-44CB-AF28-5D0C8728593D/d/ exit status 1 Error compiling for board ESP32 Dev Module.

    • El Duderino / about 4 years ago / 1

      Sorry for the delay in our response here as we don't actively patrol these comments. In case you or others are still running into this issue, we've updated the Software examples in the GitHub Repository to fix this and a few other bugs with the example code.

      Just FYI, the comments are not the best place to get troubleshooting help. If you need help in the future, please use the link in the banner above to get started with posting a topic in our forums. Our Technical Support team will do their best to assist you.

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