Dot/Bar Display Driver Hookup Guide

Contributors: jimblom
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Resources and Going Further

Along with this tutorial, these resources might be helpful if you plan to build your own LM3914/6 circuit:

Going Further

What are you going to build with the LM3914 or '16? Need some inspiration? Check out these tutorials to continue your journey:

  • RGB Panel Hookup Guide -- If you thought driving 40 LEDs was cool, wait till you're driving over 3000. These 32x32 RGB LED panels can create some amazing visuals, but they do require more than a single analog signal to drive...
  • Using the OpenSegment -- Continuing with the display theme, these simple-to-control LEDs allow you to display numbers (and even a few letters).
  • Light -- Go back to the basics, and learn all about they physics behind light.