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  • Hello,

    I was recently searching for specific types of a Schottky Diode and/or Fuse for a 750 watt inverter. I would like to use both and I see in the info. on this tutorial, it is possible. Does the volts matter or does the watts matter when I am picking a diode to give me only “one-way” current?


    P.S. Since I am dealing with 750 watts, I figured I would need a hefty sized fuse and diode. What do you think of these ideas?

    • Hello Again,

      62.5 is the current and I am going to use a 12 volt battery and the ohms are 0.192. Since my current is 62.5, I figured I could use a 100 amp fuse in the “Reverse Current Protection” section of this tutorial but I do not know what to grab in the way of diodes. Please provide some guidance.

      I have not come across the math on this section of science yet. Thank you.


      P.S. Geaux Cajuns!

  • Doesn’t the an in anode imply anti which implies negative? Aren’t anodes negative in other situations? How come the positive ones are called anodes in this case? Also, how come current is flowing into the positive end? Should positive charge be attracted to the negative end?

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