Customizing LilyPad LED Colors

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Create Your Colors

The Fun Part!

It's time to paint with all the colors of the wind!

Coloring LED with Sharpie

Color over the conformal coating with your markers. You want to tint a wide area, surrounding the LED completely, and not just covering the top of the LED. You can't get too much coverage here, so really go to town. Try blending and layering colors, ombre effects, and different shades! Color fidelity is surprisingly high, so expect a very subtle effect with light colors, and strong results from your brightest colors.

finished LEDs

Here are a few of my favorites. You can see that pastels, like my mint green and baby blue, are understated. Here, they're side-by-side with a white LED, so you can see the difference, but when they aren't, the change is almost unnoticeable. Bolder colors, like teal, purple, hot pink, lime green, and orange, gave me very vibrant results!

I hope that, if you've had a project, costume, or design that's just been waiting for the right LED color to come your way, this helps you to finally make it a reality! Share your results in the comments!