Capacitor Kit Identification Guide

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Kit Contents

The Capacitor Kit contains caps on decade intervals from 10 picofarads to 1000 microfarads.

Kit Contents

Capacitor Kit Contents
Value Type MarkingQuantityVoltage Rating
10pF Ceramic1001050V
22pF Ceramic2201050V
100pF Ceramic1011050V
1nF Ceramic1021050V
10nF Ceramic1031050V
100nF Ceramic1042550V
1 µF Electrolytic1µF/50V1050V
10 µF Electrolytic10µF/25V 1025V
100 µF Electrolytic100µF/25V1025V
1000 µFElectrolytic1000µF/25V1025V

There are ten pieces of most values, but 25 pieces of 100 nanofarads, which are commonly used for local supply decoupling near ICs. There are also ten pieces of 22pf, which are frequently used as load capacitors when building crystal oscillators.