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The Badger

What you hold in your hands is a powerful piece of technology. OK, it's no tricorder, but it can do some pretty cool stuff. You can program the BadgerStick (the thin board) to control a myriad of electronics, like buttons, lights, and LCDs. The LED board can be used to display patterns or show text.

In the first section of this guide, we will show you how to solder headers on to your BadgerStick and LED board to make a complete badge.

Completed badge

On top of a sweet badge, you also get a development platform that you can use in lots of other projects. Once you have put your badge together, worn it with pride, and shown if off to everyone, you can remix it and make your own project!

The rest of the guide will focus on hacking your badge: how you can create your own graphics or add other electronics to make it do cool stuff.

Playing games on my BadgerStick

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