Arduino Shields v2

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Resources and Going Further

Now that you've got this knowledge under your belt, you can bend just about any Arduino shield to your will! If you're interested in further exploring the world of shields, check out our Arduino Shield category.

Are you just getting started with Arduino or interested in exploring more about using the Arduino IDE? Consider checking out some of these guides to help you get started:

Looking for some project inspiration for your Arduino shield? Here are some fun project tutorials focused on using an Arduino shield:

MP3 Player Shield Music Box

Music Box Project based on the Dr. Who TARDIS.

XBee Shield Hookup Guide

How to get started with an XBee Shield and Explorer. Create a remote-control Arduino!

Simultaneous RFID Tag Reader Hookup Guide

A basic guide to getting started with the RFID Tag Reader breakout and how to read and write multiple RFID tags over multiple feet!