APDS-9301 Sensor Hookup Guide

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Hardware Overview

The APDS-9301 breakout board is fairly simple, with only a few ancillary passive components in addition to the ADPS-9301 sensor IC itself.

APDS-9301 sensor - This is the sensor IC. Its operating voltage only extends up to 3.6V, so to use it with a 5V Arduino or Arduino clone, you'll need some kind of voltage translation!

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I2C pullup resistors - The board includes pullup resistor so you don't need to add them externally.

I2C Pullups

INT pin - The APDS-9301 can be programmed to generate an interrupt under certain conditions. This pin will be asserted low (i.e., pulled to ground) when those conditions are met. Note that this is an open collector pin, so you'll need to enable the pullup resistor on the processor for it to work.

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SparkFun standard I2C header - Most boards which can be communicated to via I2C use this pinout, making it easy to stack them or connect them in a daisy chain.

I2C standard header

Address Select Jumpers - On the back of the board, the only item of interest is the address select jumper. By default, this jumper is open, resulting in an I2C address of 0x39. If the HIGH side of the jumper is closed, the address will be** 0x29**. If the LOW side of the jumper is closed, the address will be 0x49. If a big old blob of solder closes both sides of the jumper, it will still work, and the address will be 0x49.

Rear of board