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  • Hi, Thanks as always. I’m having trouble getting the right heading - seems like there are large offsets in the magnetometer values, so the bearing only changes within a range of 150-220 degrees or so, no matter which way I turn it. Any thoughts?

  • Hi, thanks for this product. It works well, even if I have a heat issue on the chip. With a 3.3V supply voltage, temperature quickly increases up to 60-70°C (approx 150°F). As it seems to be above average to me, does anyone else face the same situtation?

  • Hi, thanks for the excellent guide. The 9DOF sensor is hooked up and running with an Arduino Mega, using the out-of-the-box I2C example, but the magnetometer is not working. The printed values are all saturated. For example, the raw values are: M: 32767, 32767, -32768. The accelerometer and gyroscope respond properly. Any idea what is going on?

    • I haven’t run into that issue, but it sounds like the magnetometer isn’t responding, this could be a result of using a different address, are you using 0x1E or 0x1C?

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