Brookfield East High School Technology Club Fundraiser

Brookfield East High School Technology Club Fundraiser in Kickstarter.

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My Name is Tim Vrakas, and I'm a student at Brookfield East High School. I'm working with my friends to raise money for the BEHS Technology and Engineering Club. We launched our Kickstarter recently, and we have 30 days to raise $1000! The only way we can achieve our goal is through the support of communities like SparkFun.

SparkFun plays a central role in technology education in our club. We use the SIK extensively and promote as a resource for in-depth tutorials, tear downs, and guides. Two years ago, we planned and taught a course for 7th graders at our middle school. We used the SIK and SparkFun curriculum to build an understanding, and then we built a capstone project, the Arduino Buzzer Beater, which was featured on the SparkFun homepage.

As you can see in our Kickstarter video above, one of our biggest projects to date is our quadcopter. We are also working on a new fixed wing 3D imaging project. These projects have helped to build student understanding of a variety of topics. We have designed 3D printed frame parts, laid out PCBs, and programmed Python scripts. The open source properties of our projects are very helpful when it comes to educating, because even the most complex system is understandable down to the simplest level.

We need funding in order to continue with our work and broaden our influence on students who would otherwise not be exposed to STEM ideas. We need the support of helpful communities like this one to support education of youth about the fields and hobbies that interest us. I hope that with your help we can further the education of our students.

Thanks for the support!

Tim Vrakas

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