WAV Trigger Hookup Guide V11

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Firmware Updates

The final utility you may need to use at some point is the WAV Trigger's Firmware Flasher Utility. This app allows you to update the firmware on the WAV Trigger should new firmware be released.

This application is very simple. It takes a hex file, the compiled new firmware from the creator at RobertSonics, and updates the firmware on your device. All you'll need for this is a USB mini-B cable and a FTDI Basic.

The application looks like this:

WAV Trigger's Firmware Flasher Utility

Make sure you set the switch on your WAV Trigger from Run to Load before uploading new firmware. Also make sure that your WAV TRigger is powered via the barrel jack.

Select the COM port for your FTDI, click Browse, and select the hex file you have downloaded. Then click program. Wait for it to tell you the process is complete, and you can test out the new firmware.