USB Type A Female Breakout Hookup Guide

Contributors: ShawnHymel



If you have a microcontroller that can act as a USB host, then you will need a way to plug in USB cables and devices. The USB Type A Female Breakout accepts a Type A USB plug on one end and breaks out the 4 USB lines to a standard 0.100 inch header.

USB Type A Female Breakout Board

USB Type A Female Breakout

NOTE: This tutorial uses the mbed LPC1768, as it has a built-in USB host. However, the breakout board can be used for any platform that has a USB host.

Covered In This Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will use the mbed LPB1768 and the USB Type A Female Breakout to create a simple circuit that accepts a USB keyboard and prints pressed keys to a serial console.

Required Materials

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